FAS opens up outside investment-capitalization

Having established patents across the globe and solidified management and engineering along with government ties Frontier Applied Sciences is aggressively entertaining investment and strategic partnerships domestically and internationally.  The link below will provide extensive information on a significant investment opportunity.

FAS has received it’s Australian Patent for it’s groundbreaking technology

Frontier Applied Science

FAQ about FASFormTM and the Novo BioPower Joint Venture

What is the FASFormTM process? FASFormTM uses a coal conversion process called partial pyrolysis developed in the early to mid-1900s. The pyrolytic process processes biomass, coal, lignite, oil sands and other carbon resources in an oxygen-starved environment to recover volatile liquid hydrocarbons such as LPG, gasoline, jet fuel and diesel precursors and isolate the Sulfur […]

New fuel production facility could reduce Arizona reliance on imports and provide cleaner power generation

Novo BioPower is partnering with new technology provider Scottsdale, AZ  2/17/2015.  A newly-patented transportation fuel production technology, FASFormTM, is being developed at the Novo BioPower biomass to energy plant near Snow Flake in Navajo County, Arizona.    The process will recover the fuels from the woody waste currently processed there and Western US coal. It will […]

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