Frontier Applied Sciences Inc. is a US-based technology-development firm holding energy and environmental patents in 9 countries across 5 continents.

Throughout human history, mankind has used innovation to benefit the lives of individuals and societies.  In modern societies, the impact of creative solutions and beneficiation technologies can be seen in nearly every area of day-to-day life; from energy, manufacturing and transportation, to agriculture, housing and entertainment.


We recognize that this is only possible with energy; the industry that drives all industries.  With-this-in-mind, the founders act with sound conviction believing that American exceptionalism has contributed greatly to the world and can continue to be a positive driver of technologies for both complex societies and developing countries.

Without energy, essentials of life; shelter and food do not exist.  Without energy food cannot be grown, harvested, transported or preserved.  Without energy water cannot be sourced, purified, transported and managed.

Given the vast resources of our world combined with the creativity of the human mind and the efforts of committed people, prosperity across the world is within reach.

Responsible stewardship of our natural resources ultimately yields the greatest combination of economic and environmental benefits.

Frontier’s focus on energy technologies rests upon three dependent essential criteria:

  • Affordability
  • Abundance
  • Availability

 We support energy technologies that operate with these essential elements in mind, while avoiding technologies that require tax-subsidies and government intervention or mandates.  By doing so, we can support long-term solutions and avoid financial pitfalls.

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