New fuel production facility could reduce Arizona reliance on imports and provide cleaner power generation

Novo BioPower is partnering with new technology provider

Scottsdale, AZ  2/17/2015.  A newly-patented transportation fuel production technology, FASFormTM, is being developed at the Novo BioPower biomass to energy plant near Snow Flake in Navajo County, Arizona.    The process will recover the fuels from the woody waste currently processed there and Western US coal. It will also generate a clean, high energy, solid fuel that meets new EPA regulations if used to replace raw coal in existing power plants. The propane/butane, gasoline, jet fuel and diesel refining feed stocks produced by this technology from processing all of the coal used currently in Arizona with FASFormTM could displace 30-40% of all the fuels currently imported into our state.  Skilled construction jobs for the Snow Flake plant alone could peak at 200-300 and approximately 40 long term operating and maintenance jobs will be added.

The recently signed development agreement between Frontier Applied Sciences (FAS) and Novo BioPower will form a joint venture to build and operate a commercial prototype and research and development center for FASFormTM.  A property tax base addition of several tens of millions of dollars would result and the forecasted gross profit of the same order of magnitude per year will generate additional tax revenues and could result in up to three times the gross profit per year in local and state economic benefit.   Longer term, existing jobs and low energy prices will be preserved by replacing expensive retrofits of new emissions control equipment or the shutdown of existing power plants by new environmental regulations.

Brad Worsley, President of Novo BioPower, said, “Novo BioPower has consistently been on the cutting edge of new technology deployment and currently generates clean, renewable power in Arizona.   FAS’ technology fits very well into our plans to use our assets at the Snow Flake facility to take this mission to the next step and build a significant energy and technology development presence in the Southwest US.”

FAS’ technology is a low cost, zero discharge process using a new approach to established technology dating back decades.  Joe Witherspoon, FAS’ Chief Technology Officer with past positions at Chevron, Western Refining and Sinclair Oil and who is the inventor of the process, says, “We had a patent in South Africa, and just received patents in China and Germany which extend to the rest of the European Union. With advanced patent applications in US, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia and Russia, we plan on securing a solid intellectual property position in our key expansion markets. We can, for the first time, process materials like biomass, coal, lignite and oil sands continuously with a unique approach to product recovery. This is a major breakthrough.”

“As this is a global business, we plan to build a profitable facility at Novo BioPower’s site that is sufficiently scalable for larger facilities throughout the world.  Local biomass, coal, lignite and oil sands represent a larger global energy source than conventionally-produced oil and gas and exist in a much more diverse set of locations. This makes our enterprise funding efforts more attractive to investors who have become wary of risky, clean-tech ventures that are cost rather than revenue based and dependent on subsidies,” according to Doug Pitts, the CEO of FAS and a former Bechtel, Parsons and AREVA Solar executive.

“We are hoping to bring energy executives from around the world to the Phoenix area and Navajo County to show off our cutting edge technology. The world needs coal and lignite. We just need to use it in an environmentally acceptable way,” according to Matt McKean, FAS Chairman and, with Witherspoon, one of the company founders.

About Novo BioPower

Novo BioPower is a renewable energy company engaged in biomass power generation utilizing wood waste as a primary fuel source.    Novo BioPower, LLC, also known as the Novo BioPower Plant, is a 27 megawatt biomass power plant located near Snow Flake, Arizona, approximately 180 miles Northeast of Phoenix.  The Novo BioPower Plant has two long-term power purchase agreements in place with Arizona Public Services (APS) and Salt River Project (SRP), Arizona’s two largest electric utilities.  Significant land, water, and coal and product infrastructure assets, including an 80 MW coal-fired power plant that was shut down in 2012, will become available for several new sustainable energy ventures like FAS that are planned at the site.     The Plant began commercial operations in June 2008 following a 22-month construction period.

About Frontier Applied Sciences

FAS is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and was formed in 2011. The headquarters and global deployment will remain in the Phoenix, Arizona area, but, once funding for the commercial prototype is secured, the base of operations will shift to Novo BioPower’s site for the 2 year construction and initial operation period.  FAS plans to build larger commercial plants starting in the Western US where a significant amount of coal-based power generation is located then expand to other coal, lignite and oil sands centers like Canada, Germany, Australia, India, China, South Africa and Indonesia with local joint ventures and licensing. While coal and lignite use has been stalled in the US due to political and environmental issues, and the current low cost of oil and gas, those factors do not exist internationally and coal and lignite use is actually increasing.  FAS believes this rollout can be done globally in a clean and profitable way.


Please contact Matthew McKean at 602-509-0950 and, or Doug Pitts at 623-760-6021 and for further information.

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